Big news!!!!!!

I had the first person besides my husband (he doesn’t count) read the first 36 chapters and it took her about three days to finish them and final chapters had her reading at 6:00 AM this morning.  She messaged me to tell me how good she thought it was.  She was not critiquing the story but simply reading and she said that she was entertained!

I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing her quote from this morning but I’ll keep her anonymous, just in case. –

“This is fucking fabulous!  No shit, serious as a heart attack.  I LOVE IT! Stephanie who?”

This is great news to me while I angst over my use of adverbs and typos, I wasn’t sure how the story was playing out to the reader.  I’m very relieved that someone could read through my first draft and that it not only made sense but that they loved the story and more importantly, she loved Cyril!

If she doesn’t hate the final few chapters I will have fulfilled my first goal of this project – to entertain at least one person!

I have a few people critiquing the story on Scribophile and they provide wonderful feedback for the technical stuff and issues with individual chapters but since I can’t post all 36 chapters at once (without considerable work) the story is fragmented when reading.  This was an important mile stone to have someone go from beginning to almost the end and enjoy it so much that she wanted to finish it.  It also was important to get someone’s take that wasn’t fixated on all the stuff that is wrong in a first draft.

I still have a lot to learn and the story is far from being finished.  I will still need all the readers I can get to give me pointers on the draft and re-writes but this let me know I shouldn’t chuck it all and call it a day.

I’ll post the preliminary re-write outline sometime soon. So that if you do decide you’ll know what I’m planning to change in the next revision.

So, let me get back to chapter 37.  This story ain’t going to write itself.

Thanks everyone!

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