Good news…

I got a text from the second person who has read the story from start to finish.

They shall remain anonymous.

“Finished it!  Very steamy and many layers that keep unraveling…can’t wait for 2nd book…no pressure…”

Now two people have read the entirety of the first draft and survived!

Well, it’s actually the third person but my husband doesn’t count!  He might not agree.

I’m still in the process of rewriting.  I got some critiques on my later chapters and it seems I might be over-thinking the beginning chapters even the recent re-writes.  I think I’m going to scrap them entirely and just rewrite them and see where I end up.  Piecing it together didn’t seem to work all that well.

Thanks to everyone following for your help and support.  I couldn’t do it with out you!

2 thoughts on “Good news…

  1. Thanks for the support, Luck!

    I’m very lucky, he’s very supportive and even gives me feedback. If you ask him, he’ll tell you, he’s the inspiration for Cyril. 🙂

    He’d probably love your story. He’s a big Sci-fi fan.

    But deep down I know he wishes it was a TV show! or better yet a video game.

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