Another achievement…

Today, I experienced two firsts.  

Someone read the entire book, they do not know me at all and liked it!

I ask her permission to provide her reaction.  Here are some of the things she had to say.


“I had every intention of critiqueing your story, but something happened and it’s all your fault! I couldn’t stop reading.
What an interesting idea. I’m going to finish reading and then go back and critique. I haven’t been caught up in a story in a long time, thank you.  I do see some issues, but they weren’t big enought to stop me from reading….Very nice job.”

Today! – She finished in 24 hours

The Symphony of Light and Winter stands at 103,000 words.  The Hunger Games is 99,000 words and Twilight is 118,000 words. So it’s a full length novel.

Comment from today:

“I just finished. Oh my gosh! I’m hoping it ends at 40 because that’s where the next book will start. 
Renea you have a winner here. Really” 


Very exciting and my thanks goes out to her for suffering through my draft.  Much appreciation. 


This does not negate the wonderful feedback I’ve received from my friends and colleagues but I wasn’t sure if you all went in with low expectations.  🙂  Love you guys!

Someone who read the book, recommended that I share the password with someone else and have them read.  Since she’s not someone who likes to spread around pain, that’s a good thing. 🙂

Very exciting day. 

If you have not checked out and you are looking to improve your writing, I strongly suggest you do.  I’ve met some fabulous people that have been a tremendous help!

Great day!  Thanks again to everyone who has helped me so far on this journey. 


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