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Symphony of Light and Winter

Ten years after fundraiser, Linden Hill watched life fade from Cyril’s eyes, she is confronted by an angry, beyond human version of her former mentor and first love.

Cyril’s suspicion fueled by his lack of memory of their time together and his overwhelming desire for her, leads to a turbulent re-acquaintance that traps her in an ages old conflict between him and his supernatural rival.

Beyond garnering the affections of a man created to be the lover and companion to a goddess, Linden finds herself living among his family; a group of six supernatural men with a tantalizing secret.  Her struggle with Cyril continues until she discovers he paid the ultimate price to ensure her survival.

Their journey is fraught with unintended consequences, an endless battle of wills, and unquenchable hunger, leading to Linden’s decision to sacrifice everything to save him.

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