High praise…

I had another reader finish the book yesterday.  I got some great feedback from her that I’ll post soon.  I asked her if I could share this quote.

“I figured out how to get rich today. Call it an epiphany of sorts. Two days before your book is released to the public, I’m going to buy stock in Energizer and Duracell.”

Love it!

I have been getting a lot of great feedback lately!

Progress update:

I’m currently working on re-writing chapter one.  I’m adding some more about Olivia and I’m trying to see if it makes sens to make chapter 1,2,3 into one chapter or if it even makes sense.  I’m also changing how Cyril is mentioned in chapter one and call him out a little better.  I also added so references to potential supernatural things that will add to the understanding that it’s not a book about fundraising.  I toned down Clarence a bit and gave some of his sassier comments to Olivia and worked on her relationship with Linden.  It needs some polishing before I’ll post for comment.  Maybe by mid-week.

A query letter often asks you to supply your first chapter.  I’m afraid that since the real action starts in chapter three I might need to move it up.  I’m working some more hooks into chapter one but I think chapter three could be the slam dunk.  We will see how it goes.

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