What are people saying . . .

Quotes from readers who have read the first-draft of the story.

  • I figured out how to get rich today. Call it an epiphany of sorts. Two days before your book is released to the public, I’m going to buy stock in Energizer and Duracell.  – Anonymous
  • This is f**king fabulous!  No shit, serious as a heart attack.  I LOVE IT! Stephanie who? – Anonymous
  • I had every intention of critiquing your story, but something happened and it’s all your fault! I couldn’t stop reading.  What an interesting idea. I’m going to finish reading and then go back and critique. I haven’t been caught up in a story in a long time, thank you.  I do see some issues, but they weren’t big enough to stop me from reading….Very nice job.   I just finished. Oh my gosh! I’m hoping it ends at 40 because that’s where the next book will start.  Renea you have a winner here. Really”  – Anonymous
  • Finished it!  Very steamy and many layers that keep unraveling…can’t wait for 2nd book…no pressure…- Anonymous
  • I couldn’t stop reading the book. In fact I was up until four am because I couldn’t stop. To me a mark of a good book is if you continue to think about the characters when you’re not reading, I actually dreamed of these characters. I finished the book in less than twelve hours. I’ve read the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series, Fifty Shades of Grey, The Twilight Series and All of the Sookie Stackhouse novels and this book is as good if not better than some of these books. I would highly this recommend to anyone who likes this kind of story. – Heidi Meason

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