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I’ve got to say these past few weeks have been like a whirlwind. I’ve learned a lot, met some great people, and can you believe this? I have fans! That to me is the craziest thing ever, as I sit at my computer in shorts and a hoodie, hair still not brushed.  I’m rocking the diva look today. *laughs*

I’ve received a few emails, FB, and Twitter messages asking similar questions. So I thought I’d address it all at the same time. Ready?

The next book of the Kematian Hunter series is Raphael. I don’t know when it’s coming out, because I haven’t written it yet. In fact I haven’t written period in a few weeks. Marketing takes up a lot of time, but I’m starting to find a balance. In the mean time I do have part of chapter one done, it’s unedited… I mean really raw and I’ve posted it on my Facebook page on Feb 1st

In the mean time another look at my version of Raphael:

I’m on a few lists on goodreads, well not me, but my novel Gabriel. I’ve promoted it one day on my FB page (starting to notice a theme *laughs*) and that’s it. If you’d like to share it and vote, great if not that’s okay too. I’m trying to post everything in the same place, and of course my FB and Twitter account are linked so the information is shared. :)

Let’s see what else… Oh I know!

I’ve mentioned a YA book (White Horseman- working title) I’m thinking about writing in a few interviews (People actually read the interviews, I know crazy, right?) it’s not even outlined yet so I can’t answer any questions about it. As soon as I have some information as when it’ll be released, I’ll let you know… wait for it… on Facebook! *laughs* I do have some pictures posted on Pinterest of what the characters look like to me at this stage. My piterest information is posted at the end. I use Pinterest as a story board mainly, but you’re welcome to check it out anytime.

I think that covers the questions, if not directly in a round about way. :)

Okay, changing topics!

I’d like to start with saying thanks to some awesome people who’ve really helped promote my work. (This is not everyone, but those names I keep seeing coming up over, and over.)

Author Doris O’Connor. You may notice that name, she was on my website and I was on her website. The interview she did about me was done at the beginning of the week and I’m still seeing retweets of it. Thanks for sharing me with your fans!

Author Renea Mason. This may not be a name you’re familiar with, but keep on eye out for it. She’s a new author looking for a home for her first paranormal romance. I’d like to thank Renea for several reasons. One she’s one of the people who put me on one of those goodreads lists. Next she runs a group, where a bunch of us girls go to chat. Now the group has come to the web. There are some great authors there, as well as authors who will be released this year. Mark this site, stop by and say hello. It’s still pretty new and we’re still working out what we’re going to be sharing, but in the mean time, there are interviews, new releases from Coffee Talk authors like DC Stone.

Valerie Twombly. Valerie is hosting a give away, to help promote Gabriel. The give away ends in 3 days!

Please stop by her website even if you’ve already entered. She has a free short story posted and it’s smoking hot! Valerie is also the one I find my sexy pictures from, that I post on FB. Stop by and say hi to her.

Stephanie Phelps. Stephanie is a friend of mine I work with at my nursing job. I haven’t worked in house for over a year (I work from home.).  I get on Twitter and there’s Stephanie’s retweets of all my interviews and posts. She was one of my first followers. Thank you for being such an awesome friend!

Now for some reminders!

Gabriel’s Release Party is still going on. The drawing is scheduled for Feb. 21st. Please send you’re friends here. I should think about a promotion where fans get rewarded for promoting. Kind of like Direct TV, does with their friends rewards. If you have any ideas let me know, I’d love to hear them, and remember contrary to the few authors who are millionaires, most authors aren’t rich. *laughs*

Thanks for supporting me, for sending me emails, tweets and talking to me on FB. I really do appreciate your time, and I’m honored that you chose to read my book. Until next time!



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Gabriel can be found here:

Evernight ,Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookstrand,  All Romance e-Books, Sony, Apple, Chapters-Indigo/KOBO, Coffee Time Romance, Smashwords and Rainbow Ebooks.

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