I just sold my first book!

shehanne moore

Yeah. I bet that threw y’all. I mean what’s all this yibbing and yabbing about Lady Fury and oh, have I been having y’all on all this time? Chancing it eh? What is that that’s just appeared on Amazon some hours earlier from what should have been…..


Slightly enhanced pic of Janet there. Maybe cos she’s just seen John. So my little post which was to be called Why Genoa? so the next time Mr Shey gets asked that question, he can actually answer it, instead of looking like a total twassock, will just have to wait till next time.


My launch of the Lady Fury postcardes, featuring some nice places visited by Fury and her hubby, some by her hubby….er…alone, some by Fury and Flint too. Cos what I want to do is thank everyone–they know who they are–and also, youfor following this blog.

If you are wondering re…

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