It’s all about location – Vienna

shehanne moore

Elisabeth_of_Austria_-_SisiNow I know I promised Why Genoa? Over a week ago, or thereabouts now too, so  Mr Shey would be able to answer that question when he gets asked about Lady Fury. And okay Vienna isn’t Genoa, even I know that.  But I don’t think I’d do any better on a Q&A show than I would at sticking to the point, or knowing which is mushy peas, which is broccoli soup.

Stick around though and I might even explain why Glencoe is the setting of my new book. You lucky people, you have no idea the blogs being planned for you. That is why today I am launching the grand world tour. No seriously, today in the first in a short series, It’s all about location. To kick off  I am asking the talented Antonia Van Zandt along to talk about Vienna.

Straight off I have to tell you Antonia and I share so much. And…

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