Affairs of the Dead by A.J. Locke Now Available

Anne Lange

On April 11,  A.J. Locke  was here talking about upcoming release. Well, Affairs of the Deadwas released yesterday, April 19th.  Below is the beautiful cover, and the links for where you can buy A.J.’s book. And if you’d like to see what she had to say while she visited with me, just check back to this post through this link:

Tell us a little about yourself, A.J.  How did you start writing?


Affairs of the Dead-AJ Locke


Necromancer Selene Vanream helps ghosts settle their affairs so they can fade to the afterlife. However, after her rule breaking methods of helping her clients lands her in trouble, she’s downgraded to tracking ghosts who hide out, since ghosts that linger too long become murderous beasties. And here Selene thought having an affair with the boss would get her out of trouble, not into it.

While tracking, Selene finds Ethan, a ghost who claims he was…

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