Antonia van Zandt – This week’s author profile

Who is Antonia van Zandt?

Antonia van Zandt grew up in the ancient city of Salisbury, England and is related to deposed European royalty. She now lives in Vienna, Austria with a collection of family paintings and a menagerie of cats. Antonia is currently working on a Paranormal Romance called Freya’s Choice

Get to know Antonia

  • What do you think reader will enjoy most about your novel?

Like Seducing AmandaVienna Valentine contains some explicit, erotic sex scenes between beautiful people. Karl, the male main character, is especially gorgeous. Think Josh Holloway (remember Sawyer in Lost?). It’s also set in the most romantic city in Europe – Vienna.

  • What advice regarding social media and marketing do you offer to new authors?

Think before you Tweet or post anything on any of the social media sites. Once it’s out there, it’s REALLY out there and unwise or ill-conceived comments can come back and haunt you. Some have even ruined people’s careers, or at the very least made them look foolish. Also, be generous to your fellow authors. Promote them, retweet them. Remember the old saying, ‘what goes around, comes around.’ In my experience, it’s true

  • What is your favorite quote?

“I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.” – Mae West. Love her!

  • What is your greatest writing strength?  Weakness?

I’m very self-motivated and find it really easy to cut myself off and get down to writing. My biggest weakness is probably a tendency to overwrite in the first couple of drafts. I edit a lot!

  • What is the one thing about a book that will make you close the cover and not finish it?

Poor editing. Sadly it seems to be on the increase – even from the major publishers. There’s one particular example that sticks in my mind. I won’t say the name, but it’s an international bestseller that really could do with a damn good edit and at least 100 pages less. Well, that’s my opinion anyway!

  • What do you see as your next project and when can we expect it?

My next novella is less sexually explicit than Seducing Amanda or Vienna Valentine. It’s called Freya’s Choice and it’s a paranormal romance. Here’s a taste:

 Nothing much happens in Abbey St. Francis, but Freya’s about to change all that…

 Betrayed by a former husband, Eve Lawson is scared of her feelings for the gorgeous, hunky farmer, Mark Latimer. All she needs is a little more time, but when the beautiful, enigmatic Freya sweeps into the village, suddenly nothing is as it was. All around her, people are behaving strangely, and when Freya decides she wants Mark, Eve is forced to accept that she’s in love with him and will do anything to win him back – even if it means taking on the most powerful goddess of them all.

I don’t know when it will be out yet, but hopefully later this year. Watch this space!


Vienna Valentine, Paranormal Erotic Romance (Menage, FF and M/F) published by Etopia Press

On a hot summer‘s day in Vienna, wolves dream of passion…

Love is the last thing on her mind when Nina comes to the enchanting Austrian capital for a much-needed holiday. But when she sees the hot couple in the apartment below making love, she can’t take her eyes off them. So, when they invite her to join them for a night of pleasure, how can she refuse?

Then their friend Karl joins them and Nina has the hottest sex of her life with this gorgeous man. She must see him again and, when she does, she senses something unusual about him. But what is his secret? Then one day, Nina has the shock of her life. And, as Karl’s life hangs in the balance, she must leave him. Will she ever see him again?

A short excerpt from Vienna Valentine

In front of the door marked “313,” something made me hesitate. Going to bed with someone I hadn’t even met before would be a first for me. Oh, what the hell, I thought and rang the doorbell.

The man was as tall and broad shouldered as I had gauged him to be. His dark tan contrasted with the brilliant white of his shirt which he wore with buttons unfastened to the middle of his chest. This guy worked out. Those shoulder muscles didn’t get that way by accident. His face broke into a smile as he opened the door wider and motioned me in. His voice was softly accented. “Welcome, Nina, please come in.”

Doors opened off a small, L-shaped hallway and led into the kitchen and the living room, where he now led me. Inside, Magda uncurled her model’s legs, stood up from the settee, smiled, and held a glass of sparking wine out to me. That long chestnut hair gleamed as it cascaded over her shoulders and framed her classically beautiful face with its high cheekbones and dark brown eyes. Bra-less, she was dressed in an emerald green silk robe, tied at the waist but parted enough to show the curve of her full, firm breasts and, as she moved, the glimpse of a black silk thong.

She moved closer to hand me the drink. “Have some champagne.”

I took the glass from her.

“We have looked forward to this evening very much. We will all have a lovely time, no?”

“Yes,” I said, finding my voice cracked a little. My throat was dry and I was grateful for the cold champagne.

Magda leaned forward and kissed my forehead. Such a simple gesture, but she made it sensual.

“How did you know my name?” I asked.

Jakob stroked my back. “My dear Nina, we know everything about you.”


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