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Inside a Writer’s Head

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Inside a writers head

Many wonder what really goes on in a writers head. Well, I’m here to give you an inside peek. So let’s crack open the cranium, and enter a world of darkness. Keep your hands inside the car, and please…please, don’t feed the animals.

Being a fiction writer means you need to have an imagination. Don’t be afraid to let your mind wander, it can take you on some interesting journeys. With that in mind I decided to ask my fellow Coffee Talk Writers a little question.

Where did you come up with the idea for your most recent characters?

Michaela: For my current erotic novel (novella?), the two female main characters are creatively based on people I know, and the male main characters are just a little more on the fantasy side.

Leslie: My female MC is based in part a little on me. The story stems from a reality that is mine (of course I have twisted it to pieces) The Male MC is based on my idea of a nice guy that will surprise you.

Kishan: My female is based on a story I heard in the news about a therapist whose client became obsessed with her to the point of killing her husband. The idea of a therapist with an obsessed client kept growing in my head after that and well the rest is history.

Valerie : Interesting.

Lea: My most recent male character is inspired by one single photo. It still puzzles me how I can build an entire story and devise several sub-plots based on a picture!

Sophie: Well, its funny. The story was originally so different than what it is now and took on a mind of its own as I was writing it. I first wrote Kyle from my own experiences, but then a lot of Olivia wound up being me as well (sans shitty, abusive boyfriend). The story was originally supposed to be a little bit of closure and not a happy ending, but that didn’t work out the way I intended. The sub-MC’s are mish-moshed variations of all of my friends and their attributes. I never thought this would amount to anything, but I’m so proud of what I’ve produced.

Valerie: You should be very proud. Psssst, I’ve read her story, keep an eye on this one. *winks*

Isabella: I originally wrote this in HS, based off my then boyfriend and my {still BFF}, with me as the main character. It sat for years and now it’s completely evolved into something incredible. Now my MMC is based off my husband {and of course random sources for my imagination, my FMC is based off me, and the main characters are based off other people that have been in and out of my life. Write what you know, right?

Cait: I wanted an athlete. I love reading stories of football players in Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ stories, baseball players in Kate Angell’s, and ice hockey in Deidre Martin’s’, and wanted to write about a different sport. I chose skateboarding, yet with his height a little over six-feet, he isn’t the norm for the sport.

Valerie: Oooo, love me some athletes.

Leslie: Okay I feel I should elaborate a little more on my MC. My entire story came from my sisters discovery on She found that our family is actually related to Samuel Parris. His daughter Betty, the first to show signs of affliction, is in reality my cousin. When I first thought of this, my mother, since it was from my fathers side, said yall are troublemakers from way back. Then I thought about how hard our entire family’s life has been, almost like we were cursed. From that, the story evolved reading about the trials and doing research just fueled everything. Each time I would read something new it was an AH HA moment for the storyline and the plot.

Valerie: Now that’s cool.

Nessie: For Living Dead Girl, I originally planned to do a graphic novel, so I was sketching out pictures and scenes. Then I decided to just write out the story and ended up scrapping the pictures and writing a novel instead. I can’t pinpoint one place where I came up with my characters. I had a rough idea of who they were in my head when I first thought of the story and they just sort of grew from there. They’re not based off any one person, or any particular experience, but I do find inspiration from people I’ve met, even just random people watching

Sophia: My current MCs are vague shadows of truth blended with heavy dollops of imagination.

Renea: For Symphony of Light and Winter – One day Cyril appeared in my head. Next thing I know, he came to life on paper. As for my latest characters, I have no idea. I needed a sexually repressed intellectual and a lady with a compelling reason to do some crazy things, threw in a couple of hotties for good measure and viola – one messed-up piece of erotica.

Valerie: And we can’t wait!

Aubrey: I watched the ending of “Man in The Iron Mask” with Gerard Depardieu. Near the end, the 4 musketeers are trapped and decide to charge the king’s guards who must kill them. As the smoke from the muskets slowly disappears, they rise like ghosts in the mist. I thought – what if they were real? And what if they came back after they died? So they were and I did.

Valerie: Well in Eternal Flame, Aidyn, was the first to come to me. He just popped into my head one day. I obsessed with finding a picture of him. From there I built the others around him since I didn’t want his story to be first. Some of them simply came from photos, and some just showed up for a job.

I hope you enjoyed this little journey. I want to thank my wonderful friends for sharing. Stayed tuned, we’ll be back!

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