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Who is Sophia Jones?

Sophia Jones is the pen name of mellow, yoga-practicing, dog loving bookworm.  It would surprise many–though not all–of my friends and family members to know I write steamy erotica.

Sophia Dog

Take a few minutes to get to know Sophia

Did you use a critique partner or group to help with revisions and editing?

I’ve always loved reading, and a few years ago I stumbled upon fanfiction.  Before long I was writing fanfic stories of my own, and met a couple of great people who became my crit partners.  About a year ago, I decided to really give the “writing thing” a try, and started my first novel.  Not long after, I joined the online writing community Scribophile, and from there became a member of the Coffee Talk Writers.  These amazing internet friends have all helped me grow as a writer and continue to do edits and revisions for me.  My novel is still a work in progress, but I have a couple of paranormal erotica short stories out on Amazon.

What piece of advice would you give a new author?

I’m not sure I’m qualified to answer this question since I still feel like a new author myself, however I’ll give it my best shot.  You need to write for the love of the story.  Write for your pleasure, and if you enjoy your finished product, so will your reader.  If someone doesn’t like your story, they’re not one of your readers.  And that’s okay.  The world is made up of diverse people with distinct tastes.  But you will develop a fan base that connects with your stories if you’re brave enough to put a bit of your heart and soul into your words, and write for the love of the story.

Is being an author your primary career?

I’ll admit, that’s a dream I hope to achieve someday.  But no, writing is something I do on nights and weekends right now.  I work at a publishing company selling books; I’m a cube mouse, and actually quite enjoy it.

Describe yourself in three words:

Loyal, romantic, optimistic

About The Phantom and the Psychic:

A paranormal erotic short story, psychic Alyssa DeAngelo travels to a castle-turned-resort in the Italian countryside to assist its owner with his ghostly problem. There, she encounters Dominicus Romano, a tormented soul who has dwelt within the castle walls for six centuries. Can she help him find peace?

Sophia phantom



“Her writing is just so captivating and the worlds she creates are just so hypnotizing you’ll never want to leave them to go back to your reality.”– Goodreads review

“Loved this short spicy little tale.  The title caught my attention and the interaction between Alyssa and Dominic kept it caught!  A fun enjoyable read.  The twist at the end?  Find out!  Definitely worth the time to read.” -Amazon review

“I thoroughly enjoyed this story.  The chemistry between psychic Alyssa and ghost Dominic was great – their first meeting made me laugh!  Things heat up between Alyssa and Dominic, but the sexy ghost is not the only otherworldly thing Alyssa encounters in the castle.  There’s something evil living in one of the rooms upstairs.  Dominic and Alyssa have to face it together, though it could destroy them both.  This story was both spooky and sexy.  I would definitely recommend.” -Amazon review

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