Meet Clarence from Symphony of Light and Winter

From Symphony of Light and Winter – Linden and Clarence

Clarence grumbled about my choice in music on the way to Olivia’s house. “Is there a reason your music only fits into three categories?”

Offended, I countered, “What do you mean? There’s variety.”

He cycled through the playlist and stopped on a Sarah McLachlan song. He rolled his eyes. “All the artists on here are women who are either angry, Canadians, or lesbians. Hell, you have a few that fit all three categories on a Venn diagram.”

“Will you stop picking on my music? I have a lot of classical and show tunes on there too.”

Clarence laughed. “That makes you any less lame how? Classical and show tunes? I get enough of that at work. I like something I can shake my ass to.” Clarence shimmied in his seat to a fake beat.


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