Meet Stanton McMillian Overton from Symphony of Light and Winter

From Symphony of Light and Winter – Linden and Overton

“But you get your dominant traits from the priest, right?”

“Yes. You know it’s odd to have convictions, but not all the memories to support them. A lot like how people describe carrying things from one life to another. No explanations, but strong feelings. Why do people fear spiders when they’ve never been bitten by one? My life has a lot of irrational convictions. The priest is strong in me. I find myself abstaining from things I have no moral objection to but can’t overcome the feeling it is somehow wrong.”

“Such as?”

He lowered his head and for the first time stopped looking at me.

“Overton? What is it?”

He ran his fork over his plate mindlessly then spoke softly, slightly above a whisper. “Take sins of the flesh, for example. I have no moral objection to consenting adults giving and receiving pleasure from one another, nor do I think God objects as long as no one is harmed, but for myself, I’ve never been able to do it. Not that I’m physically incapable; my conscience won’t allow it. It just feels wrong…well, at least it did.”


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