And you thought you were safe…. Not with the vacation crashers!




Not even safe in your own home!!!!!  

Tina Pollick and I crashed Brenda Steele’s staycation!

1013724_516310445107369_1166033252_n 992975_516310555107358_1271327002_n

Tina Pollick crashed Brends Steele’s poolside staycation.


Renea Mason crashed Brenda Steele’s staycation!

Brenda took us home!!!!!  Where will you take us?????  

Let us crash your vacation!

Well… our books anyway!  Make us your vacation, getaway or staycation book and enter to win!

Post photos of you, your vacation locale, yes staycations count, and one of the participating author’s book covers on your e-reader for a chance to win.  Please keep them clean!

Click the photo below to post your photos!

1000471_662665473747453_590180470_n (1)

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