I would never say those kinds of things

There are a couple of nasty Twitter messages that hackers have managed to send from people’s accounts without their knowledge.  I’ve seen them being sent to me for months but never thought that I might be compromised.  Last night a received an unusual number of them and decided to check by having a few friends unfollow and refollow.  It seems my account may have been sending them to.  If you received one of this disturbing and disgusting messages please know that I would never post anything like that. We might be smutty on this blog but mean and derogatory will not be tolerated.  I have taken means to hopefully stop it from happening.  If you received one of these messages, you have my sincere apologies.   Don’t people have better things to do than to write hate-filled automated Twitter messages and attach them to unsuspecting people? Grumble.

6 thoughts on “I would never say those kinds of things

  1. wow i’m glad you caught them! yesterday i actually received a message from twitter that ‘someone’ was trying to access my account from a strange IP, so twitter forced a password change. whew! i feel pretty lucky now!

  2. Be careful with the emails from twitter asking you to change your password. I received one yesterday and it wasn’t truly from twitter, it was a phishing scam. Do not click on the links they send in the email unless you are 100% sure that it is actually from twitter.

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