Dare I ask?

I’m preparing Cyril for an interview.  I heard he had been in Scotland for at least part of the 17th century and I need one of his legendary tales for Shehanne Moore’s blog.

Stay tuned for details, if I can drag them out of him. I’m just afraid of what he might say.


#etopiapress,#paranomalromance,#reneamason,#symphonyoflightandwinter,#Cyril, #Linden, #romance, #shehannemoore


2 thoughts on “Dare I ask?

  1. I don’t think anything Cyril says will shock either Shehanne or Lady Fury! They both seem to like their male characters a little on the – experienced – side. Can’t wait to read Cyril’s interview. 🙂

  2. Lol… is this a legendary tale of C and a woman ,……..or you want me to chuck you a few historical figures….. from that vintage? Historical figures who were kinda of iffy… you could have flesh eaters, or guys in league with the devil…… you could have the devil…

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