What were they thinking?

I took my kids to an amusement park called Idlewild Park in Southwestern PA.

When I first started reading nursery rhymes to my children I found myself often thinking, “What were they thinking?” And today as we traversed the path in Storybook Forest, a place near and dear to my heart, I paused to think, “WTF?”

Despite my moments of reassessing these childhood classics, the kids had a great time.  It’s nice to see something preserved over so much time.   Storybook Forest remains in the same condition and state it was when I was a child.  That gave me a nice warm feeling.

The kids didn’t notice the creepiness, just as I didn’t as a child.  It really is a wonderful place to visit with young children.  I highly recommend it!

Time to get back to writing.  Night all.

But here are a few examples:

Jack is having a very bad day.  Had to make sure this was the ‘Jack be Nimble..’ nursery rhyme and not the pictorial representation of the famous Christmas song that starts, ‘Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.’


This thing is about fifteen feet tall.  Someone should write a horror story featuring this. Nightmares, I tell ya.


That is one creepy ass egg.


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