– Graveyard Tours – Homewood Cemetery, Pittsburgh

Linden, the heroine in Symphony of Light and Winter, shares an interest with me–graveyards.  These havens of dedication, creativity and history have always fascinated me. I recently discovered my brother, Rick, the President of the Mount Pleasant Historical Society also shares a fondness for the representations of a life well-lived or well-loved.

Since it’s a theme that fits so well with my book, not to mention paranormal legends surrounding cemeteries, that I thought I would share our adventures with you.

Since someone either painstakingly planned their final remembrance, or the monument was created as the ultimate act of love by those left behind, I can’t think of a more fitting tribute than share so that other might be touched by their expression.

Since I am a Pittsburgh native, our first trip was to the Homewood Cemetery. We took over 100 pictures but here are six to start with.

If I have enough interest in this portion of the blog, I’ll make Graveyard Tours a regular post and give it’s own section on my website.

My best to everyone!

photo (2) photo (8) photo (12) photo photo (15) photo (14)

2 thoughts on “ – Graveyard Tours – Homewood Cemetery, Pittsburgh

    • It has evolved into a short story. Gotta make sure the publisher is okay with it since they own the rights to Cyril for now. Hoping to get it to critique partners this weekend for clean up and then ask next week. I’ll let you know as soon as I have permission. If they want to publish as a short, I’ll do the launch on your site otherwise we’ll post. Either way his tale of debauchery will be yours to share first. :).

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