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I am very pleased to feature the multi-published author Jenny Lyn.  She is a host of The Original Meet My Sexy Muse, and will be out to play tomorrow night along with Authors Alyssa Turner, Renea Mason and special guest Kramer Bussel, famed editor and erotica author, at the monthly event.

Click here to join Jenny live tomorrow night:

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Keep reading to learn more about Jenny Lyn and her new release, Heart Trouble!


Jenny Lyn

Author Bio:

I started reading when I was four, thanks to a babysitter who found out the only way to get me to sit still was to put a book in my hand. By the time I entered kindergarten, I’d blown through just about every Little Golden Book ever printed. Ten years later, much to my mother’s dismay, I found her stash of paperback romance novels. She tried to divert me back to something more chaste by buying me Harlequins, but I still snuck copies of her Kathleen Woodiwiss’s and Johanna Lindsey’s when she wasn’t looking. Shanna, The Flame and the Flower, and Fires of Winter will always hold special places in my heart because they introduced me to roguish heroes, headstrong heroines, and the trouble they could get into together.

I live in a swampy little corner of north-central Florida with my family, both the two-legged and four-legged variety. I love to read, run hot and cold with regards to cooking, and I never miss an episode of Justified, Longmire, or Dexter. I guess I like justice in all its various forms.

Questions and answers:

What inspired you to write your current novel?

I jokingly said on my website one day that it was a really bad case of indigestion. In all seriousness though, I genuinely enjoy writing about the medical profession. I think there’s a lot to explore there in a character, with their hectic work schedules, high fatigue levels, and range of cases. Cops are very similar in those respects. Plus kicking crime’s ass is just hot to me.

What do you think readers will enjoy most about your novel?

I hope all of it! It has humor, a suspense plot, and smokin’ hot sex. What’s not to like?

What was the hardest part about writing this novel?

Keeping the suspense levels up throughout the book, then delivering on the black moment. It was hard to put my heroine, Erin, through some of the things I did, but in the end I think it paid off.

What piece of advice would you give a new author?

I’m going to steer clear of writing advice because I’m still a relatively new author myself, and I have a lot to learn. The advice I would give new authors is that social media is a black hole.

You need a website, one that’s navigable and doesn’t have auto-play music or pictures that are too risqué. You don’t want readers to be afraid to open your website in public or at work. It can be sexy if you write erotica or romance or some mixture of both, but still be tasteful.

You probably need profiles on Twitter and Facebook so readers or fellow authors can find you and follow you. But you’ll find that those platforms can be time sucks too if you’re not careful.

One of the most important pieces of advice I’d give a new author though, is don’t be obnoxious about your own work. Don’t tweet about your book all the time. Don’t send your followers DMs pushing your book or Facebook page. Don’t, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, comment on a review anywhere, especially Goodreads! Even if it’s a glowing review, abstain from saying anything to the reader/reviewer.

What is the one thing about a book that will make you close the cover and not finish it?

One thing? Gah! It’s hard to choose one because I have a few, so I’m going to cheat. Number one would be boredom. If I don’t want to turn the page to see what happens, I’m moving on to the next book in my TBR stack. Another is stiff dialogue. Your characters need to talk just like you would in a conversation. In bed, they need to talk like you would to your own lover. Lastly, bad editing or no editing. This is my number one peeve with self-published stuff. Hire an editor before you hit the “publish” button.

What do you see as your next project and when can we expect it?

My next release will be August 28th from Evernight, a novella entitled Burn that features another ER doctor and a hot male chef. After that, I’m putting the finishing touches on my filthy redneck contemporary (I don’t have a name for it yet) and hopefully it’ll be out in a couple of months, depending on where I submit it. I’m also busy plotting a book for two secondary characters from Heart Trouble.

Describe yourself in three words.

Snarky, optimistic, friendly.


Dr. Erin Taylor would rather be strapped to a gurney in her ER than prowling Jacksonville’s newest nightclub in a tight dress and high heels. Forced to do that very thing after losing a bet to a friend, she’s surprised by the sparks flying between her and sexy police detective Sean Rembert.

Sean is supposed to be scoping the bar for leads that might help him catch a serial killer, not letting his neglected libido lead him astray. But the minute he sees the gorgeous blonde headed his direction, all thoughts of work go out the window. Until he discovers Erin is a possible target.

Their connection is red-hot and undeniable, but Erin is in serious danger and Sean will do anything in his power to protect her. Passion explodes between them, then a secret destroys it. Can they overcome the hurt and resentment to find their way back to each other before the killer closes in?

Book Cover:



There was something different about Erin, something that didn’t quite mesh with the sex-kitten outfit. The clothes didn’t suit the girl who wore them. She was smart, quick on her feet. She was flirty, but not in an over-the-top, in-your-face kind of way. She didn’t reek of expensive, overapplied perfume, and there wasn’t a piece of flashy jewelry to be found on her. Her makeup was tasteful and minimalist. Even her nails were bare of polish, trimmed short and neat.

The pulse at the base of her neck beat rapidly too, belying her calm outward demeanor. Why would a woman who looked like her—who could have any guy in the place with one crook of a finger—be nervous talking to him? It didn’t add up.

“I’m not sure yet,” she said. “I’ll answer that after we’ve talked for a bit.”

He grinned to hide a wave of disappointment. “Okay, I guess that’s fair.”

“Married?” she asked.

The directness of her question caught him a little off guard, since they were flirting with each other, but then he knew there were women out there who wouldn’t be deterred by the presence of a wedding band, or the indention left behind by one hidden away in a pocket. Some of them even sought married men out. She wasn’t one of those women. There was no doubt in his mind if he said yes, Erin would spin on her high heels and leave him choking on her dust.

“No. You?”

“Oh, God no,” she said, as if she found the idea repulsive. “Ever been?”

“Got close once. Caught her in bed with our neighbor and his brother.”

Erin grimaced. “Ouch.”

“Yeah, it hurt for about a day, until I realized they’d done me a huge favor. How ’bout you? Ever been close?”

“No,” she said, glancing down at the drink she held in her hand.

“How’s that possible?”

“I’m a workaholic.” She tapped her temple with a finger. “Kinda have a hard time shutting down, ya know?”

Sean got that. He suffered from the same affliction. “What do you do?”

Her mouth twitched before she took a sip of her drink. “What do you think I do?”

So they were going to play that game. Well, all right then. Normally he wasn’t into games when it came to women. It turned him off faster than a light switch, no matter how beautiful she was. It would take a hell of a lot more than that for this woman to turn him off.

Sean let his eyes drift over her body again, cataloging every curve and freckle. He’d been good up to this point, keeping his gaze trained on her face like a gentleman should, when he wanted to stare at her chest till his eyes bled.

“Lingerie model?”

She smirked. “Not even close.”


She laughed then, a deeply genuine sound that made him want to feel it with his mouth pressed against her throat. “That’s closer than you might think. What about you?”

He grazed the back of her hand with his fingertips. “Wait a second. You dodged an answer.”

“Did I?” she asked, feigning innocence. “I’d rather ask you questions.”

Previous publishing credits:

  • Saving Sydney, February 2012, Breathless Press
  • Indelible, Felt Tips Anthology, 8th Circle Press
  • The Tow Job, Best Women’s Erotica 2013, Cleis Press
  • Bite, November 2012, Etopia Press
  • Shine, Smut Alfresco Anthology, House of Erotica
  • Heart Trouble, August 2013, Loose Id
  • Diving Deep, High Octane Heroes Anthology, Cleis Press

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