Naughty questions and crashed vacations. So much going on and you can win big!!!!!!!

The final count down to the Vacation Crasher Contest is under way!!!!  The contest ends at 11:59 PM EST this Saturday so you still have time!!!!!  BUT YOU ONLY HAVE THREE DAYS!!!!!  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  

Here’s the Facebook Event!

Here’s the website!

Here are the vacations we’ve already crashed.  More to come tonight!

The always wonderful Beckey White made another beautiful collage for the contest!

Here is the only she did for us originally!

1000471_662665473747453_590180470_n (1)


What can you win??????



Enough with the vacations, tell us about those naughty questions!

I participating in Long and Short Review’s 20 Questions to celebrate their 6th Anniversary.

2013 Anniversary Button copy

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