Fragment Friday Winner!

Congratulations Laurie Goudge!!!!!!!  She won a both contest entires.  She will receive and e-copy of Symphony of Light and Winter and Kidnapped Hearts!

Enjoy Friday’s fragment one last time below!


Friday Fragment of Symphony of Light and Winter

“Did you love her?” It seemed a silly question to ask, but something told me he did. I crossed my arms.

“No. At times I felt something like love but it was hard to tell if it was real. I was created to love her, but I don’t believe she understood the concept well enough to grant me the capacity.”

A pit formed in my stomach. No matter how angry, I hoped someday he would grow to love me. I lowered my eyes away from his to look to his chest, certain he would hear the disappointment in my words. “So you do not have the capacity to love?”

“Linden, please look at me.” I didn’t.
“I can’t.”

He sighed. “She did not grant me the capacity to love.”

I shuddered, and fought tears as his words sank in.

“Linden, I am more than what she wished for me to be. I have achieved things she could not even dream of. She thought she damned me by sending me here, when in reality, she gave me life.”

My chest shook from the contained sob. “Please, look at me.”

I looked into his eyes, our connection instantaneous and overwhelming.

“You make me capable of all things. I not only have the capacity to love, I am consumed by it.”

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