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I am so excited to about my author profile tonight.  I met Marianne Willis on Scribophile while we were both slogging through revisions.  I’m a sucker for a great paranormal romance.  Killer Temptation is just that.  It was released yesterday from The Wild Rose Press and I couldn’t wait to share this with you all.

Marianne has set up an alluring world where sexy vampires lurk below the the streets of Paris.  An unsuspecting mortal finds herself in clutches of a vampire she believes killed her sister but is unable to resist him no matter how hard she tries.

The story from the very first scene drew me in and even though I first read it in revision form, I found myself tapping my foot waiting for her to post the next chapter, so I could find out what happened next.

Tristan is one dead-sexy vampire.

This is a five star paranormal romance with a great happily ever after!

Any paranormal romance fan will enjoy Killer Temptation.

Can’t wait to dig into the next installment of this series.  I’ve heard sexy werewolves aren’t out of the question.

Take a moment to get to know Marianne and read her excerpt from Killer Temptation.

About the Marianne Willis

author pic

Unfortunately I’m a normal human being…no wonder I write paranormal 🙂 In high school I wrote short stories, and these stories were almost like a private journal because I would’ve murdered anyone who read them. The passion for creating stories has always been a part of me, but nearly four years ago I gave it a shot and wrote a story for publication. After a few rejection letters, an acceptance, and contract, I’m now a full-time writer, living in Sydney with my husband…Oh, and I can’t forget my goldfish Giovanni and his three sidekicks 🙂

Is your novel part of a series? Can you tell me a little about the world you’ve created?

Yes, Killer Temptation is the first in a series called The Bonded. Witches, werewolves, and vampires have fought for centuries, but have now come to a peace agreement. To celebrate their truce, the three species meet at an annual gathering each year. Brianna, a human, attends the function with her witchy family, and meets the handsome French vampire, Tristan Delacroix. I guess you can say it was love at first bite. But things go south when Tristan murders her sister, and the feelings Brianna had for Tristan are quickly thrown into a fire of hatred and revenge.

There will definitely be three books in this series, and I can guarantee something fresh and dramatic in each one. At the moment, I am working on book 2, which will be Chayton and Amber’s story. The idea for book three’s main storyline sprang to mind the other day, so I’m very excited to get started on that.

Did you use a critique partner or group to help with revisions and editing?

Yes, and I recommend anyone who is serious about writing and getting published to join a group. It’s a great opportunity to learn so much more about writing, make good friends, and receive some honest feedback about your work. I’m with a site called Scribophile. I had tried two others in the past, but Scribs has proven to be the best critique group.

What piece of advice would you give a new author?

Finish the story. It’s is so easy for a new author to quit their current story and begin a new one, but trust me, finish the story. Otherwise, you find yourself in a pattern of starting and stopping stories.

What has been your path to success?

I used to read author interviews online for tips and advice. Most of them said the same thing; don’t give up, it does really happen, etc. I did a lot of research, and I never gave up. Taking that chance is the scariest part, and the waiting alone drove me insane at times, but yes, I can now agree with those other authors, it does really happen. My big breakthrough was with The Wild Rose press. They had looked at my submission for Save Me Sinfully, and told me what I needed to work on. I took their advice, resent it after six months, and I will never forget the morning I opened my email, and read their offer for a contract.

If you could have a super power, which one would you want?

That’s easy. Teleportation. How convenient would it be to pop on an island with a glass of wine whenever you wanted? Ah…if only.

Short Summary of Killer Temptation

Brianna Johnson did not expect to fall for Tristan Delacroix. But she never thought he would kill her sister either. Despite her feelings for him she must act. With a spell created for deadly revenge, one kiss will end her vampire lover’s life…or will it?From the first bite, Tristan knew Brianna was his moitie –the other half of his soul, his mate. Now that he’s tasted her blood no other will do. But how can he capture her heart when she detests him? His time is running out and more than love is on the line.

Confined to his underground city, Brianna must fight the temptations she feels or risk losing not only her loyalty to her family but her heart as well.

Killer Temptation

A short excerpt

She kissed him long and hard, with purpose and intent.

Tristan shut his eyes to savour the brush of her lips and taste her sweet mouth. As he eased his lips open, wanting more, he froze. Acid or, at least something just as harsh inflamed his tongue, travelling down his throat, into his stomach. Tristan inhaled…nothing. He could not breathe.

His eyes shot open when she shrank back. Her pretty small mouth twisted with disgust, nostrils flaring with harsh exhales. Like a brewing storm, the grey in her eyes grew dark, observing him with fervid abhorrence. Yes, pure, red-hot revulsion radiated off her in waves.

No, she cannot hate me. She’s my moitié. He raised one hand to caress her face, but she lurched off the sofa before he managed a single touch.

The acid in his body thickened. Distressed choking and wheezing rang in his ears. It was him. He made those sounds. Another long wheeze resonated as he struggled to catch air. Fog clouded his mind; body draining of strength.

He fell to the hardwood floor. Thrumming pain shot up his knees on impact. Suffocating, he clawed at the wooden floorboards. Splinters cut through the skin beneath his nails as he fought for essence. He peered at Brianna who stood over him. No hint of concern in her eyes, no cry for help surged past her mouth. She was calm in a disturbing way, like a cold shell, a dark void of a soul with no emotion. Other than the painful sense of not breathing, a far worse realisation dawned…she had done this to him on purpose.

“Die, you blood-sucking bastard!” Her vehement tone rasped out each word.


The Wild Rose Press

Other works by Marianne Willis

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Save me Sinfully, by Marianne Willis. The Wild Rose Press.

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