Felicity Heaton’s Winter Warmers Blog Hop – Stop by for a chance to win Amazon.com gift cards

Winter Warmers Giveaway Hop

In my debut novel, Symphony of Light and Winter, the blustery cold season is a common thread.  But there’s nothing better than a 6′ 5″ muscle-bound, perfection from the gods, alpha male to keep you warm.  The toasty fire and warm pancakes in the morning are simply icing on the cake. 


Symphony of Light and Winter has been nominated for Best New Paranormal Series of 2013 on Paranormal Cravings Battle of the Books.  Please stop by and cast your vote!!!!



To learn how Cyril warms up in the winter you can read the excerpt from Symphony of Light and Winter

Cyril’s beautiful, hulking form crested the riverbank as he headed toward the cabin. I did not move. I stood bare for him beyond the glass. Still yards away, he came to a halt. The vegetation in his hand fell to the ground. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but his slow stride was not it. He sauntered to the

window in his jeans and black leather jacket, a stoic expression on his face. He stared, taking me in, but didn’t move for the longest time. Snow collected in his hair and on his jacket, highlighting him in white. He was winter—powerful, demanding, and brutal, but at his core lay something more fragile than the innumerable crystalline flakes that adorned the ground.


He turned and walked around the side of the house.

From behind me, I heard the handle turn, the door open, close, a rustling of cloth…

His body slammed into me. Stumbling forward, I braced myself against the window with outstretched hands. The hard lines of his body molded to mine, all but fusing our flesh. The glass was frigid, and he was an inferno. The electrical current that always existed between us surged through me as his scent engulfed me.

After pinning me, he said only one thing, in a breathy whisper. “I’m too selfish to ask why.”

His naked body melted against my back as his hands reached around and squeezed my breasts in a bruising grip. Gasps, sharp inhalations, and groans escaped each time he rubbed his body against mine. Grazing the surface of my shoulder, my neck, and my face, his lips left a wet trail in their wake. I knew it would not be the gentle lovemaking he spoke of wanting. He’d take me hard and fast to satiate our need. The moment had run through my mind a thousand times. I always thought it a fantasy, but


now knew it was a premonition. My body reacted to what it knew was about to happen.

His length rubbed against my ass as he grabbed my hands and held them together above my head in one fist. The position forced my nipples to rest against the frosty pane and pucker to painful peaks. With his other hand he urged my back to arch by smoothing down my spine, exposing what he so desperately wanted.

If you liked this excerpt check out Symphony of Light and Winter

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Or the short story, standalone prequel, Impostors’ Kiss

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No blog hop is complete without a giveaway!

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Winter Warmers Giveaway Hop


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7 thoughts on “Felicity Heaton’s Winter Warmers Blog Hop – Stop by for a chance to win Amazon.com gift cards

  1. I love blog Hops because they are a great way to learn about new to you Authors/Books and a fun way to support Authors you already love to read. And it is just great fun all around. Happy Holidays!

  2. Blog hops are so great for introducing me to new authors and series. Also winning great prizes and new books.
    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. Loved Symphony of Light and Winter, it was amazing.

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