Author Spotlight – Mariah Kingsley

Author Mariah Kingsley

New on the scene is Mariah Kingsley. She specializes in multicultural romances that address real life issues.


A stay at home mom by day and writer by night, Mariah Kingsley is a mother of three crazy kids and an amazing angel. Her love of reading led her to write her debut novel, Behind Closed Doors.

She resides in the great state of Texas where she enjoys a crazy life with my wonderful husband.

Get to Know Mariah

§  What inspired you to become an author?

My best friend will come into my house and just read my journals after a while I thought well hey I should charge you. She told me no You should charge everyone else. So that began my journey.
§  Is your novel part of a series?  Can you tell me a little about the world you’ve created?

I don’t know about a series but I will say that all of the characters that you meet will have their own love story. I want love to heal all the broken parts of a person. So that’s what this is about.
§  Is there a hidden message in your story and if so what is it? 

Tomorrow might be to late to fix it.
§  What do you think reader will enjoy most about your novel?

The reality of what is being written–how you can change the name to your own and it can be you.
§  What makes your novel unique? Why should I buy it?

I have yet to read a book that has real issues that people face everyday like cancer and infertility and write about the struggle if you don’t have a spouse that will support you.
§  What was the hardest part about writing this novel?

Convincing the reader that the cheating was ok, making wrong feel right.
§  Writing is hard where do you find support to keep going when things get tough?

Other authors, we all have things going on and I have an author that keeps me accountable and so I write and she writes and we tell each other what we wrote about.
§  What piece of advice would you give a new author?

Write whenever and however you can. Write what makes you happy and sad. And read. Don’t just read your genera but read everything.
§  Is being an author your primary career?

No I’m a mom, a wife, a cook, a driver, a therapist, a teacher, an accountant and a personal assistant to many. Lol. My primary title is Stay at home Mother.
§  How do balance writing with all of life’s responsibilities?  Which ones do you have to juggle?

Writing seems to come last in the day. I stay at home with my kids and to be honest with all the things that I do in a day I am surprised that I can find the time to write, or shower. Sometimes I just lock the door and write and when I come out I deal with the madness.
§  What has been your path to success?

I don’t think I have one, I just walk deal with whatever life throws my way and then I keep walking.
§  What advice regarding social media and marketing to you offer to new authors?

It’s your best tool use it to find people like you that will give you some advice and help you learn your craft. Don’t be afraid to reach out and say HI to a author, you would be shocked at how many will spend some time and wisdom on helping you.
§  What is your favorite quote?

Shoot for the moon even if you miss you land in the stars.
§  What is your greatest writing strength?

I can convey emotions of both male and female. Can make you love and hate them at the same time.  Weakness? I can be down right hateful at times to characters seeming to pick on one more than the others.
§  What do you see as your next project and when can we expect it?

I like to give all of my characters a love story; I believe that everyone is redeemable. So I want them all to find love and happiness, but I’m twisted enough to want then to fight hard and long for it.
§  Describe yourself in three words.
Funny, short tempered and giving.

Behind Closed Doors Blurb

Two marriages at a cross road, Charles and Vivian; Mason and Cassie. Years of love and devotion to his wife have not spared Charles the hurt of hearing he wasn’t enough anymore. Charles turns to his new employee Cassie, she is smart, compassionate and lovely.

Cassie has faced hard ache over and over again, after miscarrying for the last time she decides to put being a mother behind her and focus on being a great wife. If only her husband could move forward.

Watch the Trailer

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Summary of Behind Closed Doors

Charles has done all he can to win his wife’s love back. Nothing is working. Desperate to find the cure that fixes his wife’s love he confides in his new worker, Cassie. After hearing the love that Charles has for Vivian Cassie is determined to help him win the fight for Vivian’s love.

Cassie’s own marriage is in deep trouble, after repeated attempts to have children her husband has lost all respect for her and their marriage. Hoping absence will make the heart grow fonder she is now living out of town. After helping Charles in his quest for the love of his life, she sees all the things that she has been missing. She decides to find the person that she is suppose to be.
Mason doesn’t understand failure and his wife not having a baby is her failure, not his, so when she decides to leave for a few weeks he is going to have all the fun that he can have, but now that he is alone he can see all the reason that he needs to change.

Vivian doesn’t know how to talk about her fears and pushing them and her husband away seems to be the only thing she is doing lately. Striving to be the perfect wife to the outside world she can’t handle being a wife in any other part of her life.
Both couples want the happily ever after, both want forever. But when Charles starts to seeing all the things that he is missing in Vivian with Cassie, and Cassie sees the love that she has been searching for her whole life, can they go back to love that turned their backs when they needed them most, or turn to the one person that has stood by them?

Amazon Reviews for Behind Closed Doors

“As someone who is married I totally related to this story. I recommend this book to all that have been or are in a relationship. Great emotions are in play with this story. The author writes beautifully and has the reader empathize with its characters. It is a tale of two married couples that are struggling to reconnect again and once again find what they once had. Both are tormented by different situations but the author brings two of them together in a remarkable fashion. Rated this 5 star and can not wait for another from this author.Makes what is wrong seem so Right!!” – mc
“This is a great read!! Like everyone said before you dont want to see anyone cheating but you come to realize a heart can only take so much. By the time you get to the end its a perfect conclusion and your ready to justify the infidelity for them! I really befriended the main characters!! Love, Love, Love it! Waiting for another book by the author.” – Ashley Gross
“I read the description and thought I knew what was happening, then I was blindsided. You go through every emotion and then still you want more. Her love scenes were hot. But the emotion that came through the pages. I hated the situation but you grow to love it.” – Beebop



Riding back home the events of the night were swirling through her head. One minute she was sitting at a beautiful table, the next a husband came out of the blue. Gifts were exchanged the connection that she was trying so hard to forget that Charles and Cassie shared. The Car showing up and soon after the cussing out of a lifetime, all of which were eventful, but none stuck out like the moment Charles held Cassie.

Stepping into the house she checked on the girls who were all doing well to her surprised. Her house wasn’t a war zone and even Jasmine was surprised they were home so soon. Saying Goodnight to the girls she went into the room where Charles was getting ready for bed.

His shirt was off and she could see faint lines where he was beginning to see a six pack. He looked absolutely divine.

“Charles how close are you and Cassie?” That got his attention.

“Are you asking me if I am having an affair with Cassie?” Sitting across from her, he looked her dead on.

“I just saw how close you guys are I’m not accusing you of doing anything with her I was just wondering how good of friends you are.”

“Well, I will say this. She and I exercise together Monday through Friday, we eat lunch together and when I need to run things by her about the work I do so. She is a friend one of the few people that sees me for a person not for a career move. I can tell her anything and the only thing she asks is she can help. She is a woman that has lost seven children, but she makes a point to help any child she can. She works harder than I do she is a woman that I respect.” Letting his words set in he continued.

“That withstanding, do you honestly believe that I would take you to my mistress home? Do you know me at all?” Turning away from her for the first time he found a shirt. He sat back on the edge of the dresser and continued.

“So are you having an affair?”

“What would make you think that?” Vivian began to wring her hands, she wasn’t having an affair hadn’t thought of another man in years.

“I know, well I thought I knew how much you enjoyed sex, we don’t sleep together maybe someone else is doing that for you.”

He couldn’t have been further from the truth, but she knew why he would think so. Before the surgery they had nightly lovemaking. Sometimes so intense she felt him well into the next day. He never hurt her, but he always made sure that her pleasure came several times.

“I’m not having an affair. My sex drive has changed.” It was the worst lie to date.

“That’s a lie Vivian. At this very moment you are turned on. I have no idea why, but you are. Your legs are clinched together.” He was right she was aroused seeing he in no shirt did things to her and then thinking about what sex was like for them. She was turned on.

“So it’s another reason that you won’t sleep with me. It has nothing to do with your body it’s all in your mind. I could touch you now and I bet my life that you are wet, but the minute I slide inside you with my hand you will clam up and that would be the end. So at least do me the courtesy of telling me what it is.”

He just gave her the opportunity of a lifetime. He wasn’t yelling or screaming or even angry. He just wanted the answer.

“The last few times we slept together I didn’t get what I needed. I faked it. I just got tired of faking it.”

He stood there motionless, eyes still on her. Seconds or minuets passed neither of them knew, but when he did speak he wasn’t angry.

“I am the first man that ever bought you to climax. Your right the last time I attempted to be with you I was out in what a minuet. It wasn’t because I couldn’t control myself; it was because you were stiff as a board. Eyes slammed shut so tight that I felt like I was taking something that you didn’t want me to have. You made something beautiful ugly. But not being able to satisfy you, that’s bullshit. You can lie but your body doesn’t. Whatever is going on is with you not me. There is this wall up, I can do all the things I know that drives you crazy, but that wall keeps me from getting to you.”

“You just don’t want to hear the truth; you’re not that good of a lover. See I said it. I was trying to spare your feelings.”

“Spare my feelings?” a humorless laugh came out. His eyes darkened and his voice was almost a whisper

“Before you get wet enough to take all of me, I eat your pussy keeping my fingers on your G spot. I have to slowly work you because if I don’t you will come but won’t be wet enough to take me all the way. I know how much you love your ass licked so as I push that soft button in your pussy I lick your ass. It’s funny how the prim and proper Vivian falls over the edge over a rim job. I know for a fact that you have because your legs are trembling and your pussy is glisten, your eyes can barely open. My only thought now is how I want you,”

Vivian is in a trance it’s been so long since she allowed the memories of their lovemaking to surface and here he is telling her all the ways he pleased her.

“We both enjoy your ass in the air, I know because that’s how I get you to talk dirty. You get so hot when I fuck you hard. You like it even more when I wrap your hair around my hand and take you. Right when you are on the edge, just as your pussy is starting to pulse around my dick, as you are begging me to call you a nasty bitch. I take my fingers and fuck your ass hole. You don’t only come, you collapse. Your body is visible shaking.  I’m the one that cleans you up. I’m the one that puts you under the cover; you can barely open your eyes.”

Vivian’s body betrayed her. She was shaking with need, she missed his hands how rough and gentle he could be. He was right she loved how she could be dirty with him and he still treated her like a lady. She could ask him to do anything and she had come up with a few things that made her blush to ask, but he always did them. Always took care of her fantasies. She could lie to herself and him saying that he was a lousy lover, the fact was rather she need gentle rough or even blindfolded and fucked she got it in spades.

He was watching her again “That’s what happen the very last time you allowed me to make love to you.”

Standing up he walked out of the bedroom. Hearing the shower made Vivian heart beat out of control. Maybe he was going to take her after. She didn’t know if she was more nervous from it being so long or if she was going to get scared again.

Charles stood under the shower pissed, and horny. How the hell was she going to say that kind of lie? Even talking about what she liked had turned her on. She could barely sit still. He was hard enough to break a diamond, and mad enough to throttle her. He told her the truth didn’t hide that he had respect and loyalty to Cassie and what did she do? She told a bold face lie!

Damn her for pissing him off like this. He was tired of asking, begging, and pleading. Getting out of the shower, which had done nothing for his erection He got dressed.

Vivian was lying under the cover looking petrified. “Don’t worry I’m not going to touch you, you can relax.” Turning away from her he willed his body to relax and sleep. Since this was not the first time that he went to be craving his wife it was easier than he like to admit. Soon the weight of the day crashed in and he was sleeping in no time.

Vivian didn’t know if it was a relief or a disappointment that he decided that he was not going to touch her. Getting the courage to tell him her fears she decided that she was going to put tell him the truth. By that time he was asleep.

Going over the day’s events she couldn’t help but wonder if she wasn’t the only woman that was lost her husband tonight.


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