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My Favorite Romance Tropes

I write paranormal romance at the moment and with that comes its own set of tropes.  When crafting my story I looked for elements in my favorite paranormal romances and threw them together to create something unique.

Beyond loving paranormal romance, I love a good mystery.  I could watch episodes of House and Law and Order  for days on end.

What did I create then?

Symphony of Light and Winter – Paranormal, Erotic, Romantic, Suspense-Filled Mystery with a dash of humor.

And what did my check list consist of?

– One stubborn, powerful, beyond sexy, impossible alpha male

– A heroine who is real enough to not come out of the gates kicking-ass, but over the course of the story finds who she is.

– House full of hot men.

– Impossible to ignore magical chemistry.

– A story grounded in sexuality that unfolds in front of you.  Bringing to the climax -clue by sexy clue.

– Hot sex – driven by equal parts, love, lust and angst.

– A thirst for the possibilities to come.

– A close character driven plot.

As for supernatural…

– A little vampirism

– Gods and goddess

– Magic users

– Shapeshifting

– Reincarnation

– Much more…

When you put it all together you get –

5 Stars – Anne Lange – Worth the Risk and Friends with Benefits – Etopia Press

“Symphony of Light and Winter is not your normal paranormal. It is such an utterly fantastic blend of non-vampire, non-angel, non-demon, non-god stuff that it truly drew me in from page one and kept me reading (to the exclusion of everything else).”

5 Stars – Alyssa Turner – Polished, Send, By Surprise, Drawing Diego,  Double Take, Bittersweet,  – Etopia Press, Xcite Books, Cleis Press

“Symphony of Light and Winter is an intelligent book, steeped in philosophy and thoughtful allegory. Creativity abounds in a world unlike any I’ve read before. Cyril is complex hero, who is irresistible despite his prickly ways. High action and intense chemistry keep you glued to each page. I enjoyed my time in this world of tragic heroes, art and classical music. Kudos to Renea Mason for creating an entirely unique character in Cyril and weaving a compelling beginning to what will surely be an epic journey in the forthcoming series.” 

5 Stars – Paranormal Romance Guild

“There are a lot of secrets, romance, violence and mystery.  Linden and Cyril are wonderful characters you can’t help but love. Can their love survive all the secrets surrounding who and what he is?  Although he drinks blood he is not a vampire; he is something totally different and unique.  This is not your typical paranormal book. There are times as you get to know Cyril more, you come close to tears.  Linden is a feisty woman who is not afraid to stand up to Cyril, in spite of not knowing exactly what he is capable of. The book is keeps your interest throughout.”

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9 thoughts on “Romance… My Way Blog Hop From Scorching Romance Reviews

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  2. I entered the contest because I would enjoy the book (SEXY cover!!) and who wouldn’t like a GC? 😉
    Symphony of Light and Winter sounds like a great read also!
    Thank you for the opportunity.
    trb0917 at gmail dot com

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