My Writing Process Blog Hop.

My Writing Process

This particular blog hop is all about authors offering others a glimpse into their work, their work schedules, and perhaps their innermost thoughts. Some of us are quite opposite our real life personas.

So who subjected you to this arduous journey through the innermost working of my mind?  The lovely, the talented and VERY, VERY naughty Anne Lange!

Author of:

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Click here to find out how she does it!

Q. What am I working on?

I am almost done with the second book in the Symphony of Light Series, currently titled Between the Waters.  I’m also working on a contemporary erotic novella trilogy.  The first book in the series is titled Curing Doctor Vincent.  After those two release this year, I will begin a short story based on a revelation readers will discover in Between the Waters.

If you want a sneak peak at the first three chapters of Curing Doctor Vincent, I’m currently giving them as a free gift to anyone who purchases Jessica Howe’s Kinky Sex – The Secret to Long-term Desire.  Here’s the link to enter for free gifts from not only me but other great and Best Selling authors such as Desiree Holt, Cherise Sinclair, Katy Swann, Joey W. Hill, Valerie Twombly and many more…


Q. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I don’t follow the ‘rules.’  Symphony of Light and Winter is at heart a mystery which isn’t your typical format for paranormal romance.  I also like to come up with a plot that feels unique, which is hard to do in a market with so many talented and creative authors.  But if reviews are to be believed, I achieved a unique flair with Symphony of Light and Winter and I’m hoping that I’m about to do it again with Between the Waters.

Q. Why do I write what I do?

I honestly have no idea.  I started writing because the story Symphony of Light and Winter compelled me to write.  I don’t really control what hits the page.  Muses?  Psychosis?  Your guess is as good as mine.

Q. How does your writing process work?

I only write when I have something worthy to put on the page and have time to do so.  I have another career that has nothing to do with writing and it consumes a substantial amount of time.  I also have two small boys who demand a lot of attention and a beyond supportive hubby who deserves more than the passing glance he usually gets.  Pumping out works on demand just aren’t in the cards for me now.  I wish they were but my other career isn’t one I can just walk away from and I refuse to short change my family.  But I know sometime, sooner than I’d like my boys will have others that hold their attention and you’ll hear a lot more from me.

To start a story I usually am not able to successfully outline more than a few chapters at a time before the characters take over and foil my plans, so I’ve stopped trying.  So no matter how much effort I put in to not being panster, I fail.  I just wish they would write faster and power through distractions.  I’m not asking for much, really.

Q. Who will we meet next week?


Impostors’ Kiss, my first short story was published last year.  The mechanics of writing a short story are very different than writing a full-length novel, much harder actually.  So I’d like to pay tribute to two short story authors.

Aubrey Wynne, a fellow Coffee Talk Writer and spectacular historical romance author who released her first short story last year.  

MerryXmasHenry2 (1)

Elle Clouse – She is brand new.  She released her first short story on Friday, Feb 14th, titled Unrequited. 

cover02 (1)

I’d also like to pay tribute to two ladies to watch out for! Supporting and helping to foster new talent is one of the missions of and these two ladies will soon be lighting up the scene!

Michaela Miles writes chilling suspense and hot erotica and soon you’ll get a taste. Learn about her ability to juggle many genres.



Isabella Harper is a contemporary romance author that focuses on heartwarming tales when she’s not playing the part of fitness guru.


9 thoughts on “My Writing Process Blog Hop.

  1. Great post! And yes, the kiddos grow up too fast, don’t need mom so much any more (other than to cook apparently and buy stuff, and clean their room, and do their laundry (oh, wait that’s dad :)) It can be disheartening. Thank god for wine and chocolate. 🙂

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  5. Great post and great topic for a Blog Hop! I started reading voraciously and writing fiction as a teenager, and have been writing ever since (in one way or another). However, I never took my writing “seriously” until last year, at 54! During the previous 30 years, I was in Anne’s situation; I had a demanding profession, children, a husband, friends, hobbies etc. and I had to “park” my literary ambitions for a while. But the need to write was always there. I knew I was postponing the day I would be able to write professionally. And the day has arrived, at last.
    I still have a demanding job, but my children have grown up, and although I’m still there for them (and for my grandchildren) I’m not on call 24 hours a day any more, which gives me a great deal of time to pursue my life-long ambition. My first novel, which is the first instalment of a neo-Victorian Trilogy, is being proofread at the moment, and I will be self-publishing it shortly on Amazon. I don’t know what will happen as a result, but I do know I’m finally doing what I always wanted to do, and that alone makes me feel very fortunate.
    It’s also thrilling to meet so many other indie authors all over the world. I’m convinced we are all leading a revolution in the publishing industry. Thanks to indie authors, ebook readers, ebooks, Kindle apps, Amazon, and all the other online book retailers, reading and writing will never be the same again. The readers rule (at last), they decide what they want to read and which book is worth reading; and that’s good news!

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