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This is the second in a three post series for the Armchair Audies, where I’m doing an overview of the categories that I am reviewing with my initial thoughts on the books and narrators nominated. Erotica is a category that I picked up last year after realizing I wouldn’t be reviewing the romance category and what is probably the closest to romance to listen to. I will admit that I kind of feel like i’m cheating by listening to this category, because of the 5 nominees, I’ve already listened to 2 of them – 1 to continue a series, Beta by Jasinda Wilder, which is the sequal to Alpha that won last year; and Curing Doctor Vincent by Renea Mason which I was offered as a review copy. (you can see my review HERE

beg tease submitBeg Tease Submit – CD Reiss
Narrator: Jo Raylan
Audio Publisher: Flip City Media


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